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Time For An Exodus From Authoritarian Big Tech Platforms

“As most of you already know, my posts have been heavily censored by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube since the dawn of COVID-1984. Largely by good fortune, I managed to survive on those Big Tech platforms for long enough to reach hundreds of thousands of people, with my politically incorrect, radically dissident and anarcho-nationalist content.

However, over the course of the past few months it has become increasingly obvious that those very same Big-Tech platforms are complicit in the systematic suppression of evidence, that is subject to criminal proceedings for fraud, mass murder and treason, right across the world.

Moreover, given the level of censorship every alternative voice is now being subjected to at the arbitrary whims of the virtual Stasi, it simply doesn’t make any sense to allow our adversaries to control the flow of information, which is always the most valuable commodity during treacherous times such as these.”


Coup d’État

“There is no substitute for American leadership and exceptionalism. America should not fear our enemies. In fact, we should clearly define our enemies, face them head on and then defeat those that seek to defeat our country and our way of life.”—Michael Flynn

At time of writing the democratic party candidate to the 2020 US presidential elections, Joe Biden, has declared victory and the US Mainstream media crowned him “president elect”.

However president Donald Trump has not conceded, and furthermore alleged of massive electoral fraud. There are indeed some serious questions regarding the results, the way postal voting appears to have been used fraudulently in those states and counties where the democratic party organisation seems to be in charge of the electoral counting process. Many witnesses have claimed that republican party observers were prevented to attend the counts. Thousand of postal votes appear to have swayed the results in favour of Biden in circumstances that may already be illegal in several “key states”.

However the process is not at the end, despite the claims of the massed ranks of neo-cons, globalists, and their supporters in the US and Europe. As usual Mainstream media in the US and Europe are villifying the president and spreading false news. This has been an uninterrupted fact for the past four years.

What prospect is there of establishing the legal results and revoking the fraudulent ones? This is a matter for the courts, and finally, the US Supreme Court. A short backgound may help readers not already convinced by the Spectacle unrolling about “president elect Biden”.

The US electoral system is antiquated, unhomogenous, and open to fraud via the legal postal voting provisions. Those are not consistent across the country, with some states allowing late arrival of postal votes, and little verification of voters’ identities. The problem is part of the US political legacy, and predates modern times. Fundamentally the electoral and two-party system precludes clear majorities in normal circumstances. In recent decades majorities in Congress have been wafer-thin, often paralysing decisive executive actions.

It is too early to anticipate the end point of the legal process engaged by the presidential administration. Ultimately the Supreme Court will determine the outcome. The process thus ends when the judges say so. It is however permitted to wonder whether fraud on a massive scale is, like the proverbial banks, “too big” to revoke.

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