Turning a page, 24 June 2016 #Brexit #Escape

half truth

Today I am turning a page on the long decades of my life in the United Kingdom. I don’t know how long this kingdom will remain united, and, frankly, I don’t care. I don’t care to live under the farcical régime of the Farages and other Johnsons, those jerks, and suffer the obscenities of the Murdoch’s empire, under the constant barrage of blames and lies, that was, really, only bearable because Europe was there, very close. It ain’t anymore.

Evidently the “markets” have their own, very well expressed views. A devaluation of 10% or more is on the card. For someone, like me, who plans now to spend the rest of his life away from these shores, and much further East, this is, of course, very bad news. As many others I depend on a sterling income, years of savings and hard work, all the way paying our due to the “Exchequer”. But this, on the scale of this debacle, is small stuff.

The important thing is now to escape, to seek cultural solace under a different sky, and different voices. It was planned, it is now urgent. So we’ll keep working on it, as we have done, in all justice, since the first clouds started showing up on the horizon… We’ll leave happily, this little wet parcel of earth to the future generations to rebuild, as they see fit. And we wish them good luck.


Hope and courage in Eastern #Ukraine

National Guardsmen near SlavyanskLast Sunday, 11 May, Europe received a lesson in democratic spirit, dignity and courage from the people of Eastern Ukraine. Faced with the murderous squads, armour and mercenaries of the Kiev junta, the people in Donetsk and Lugansk provinces voted en masse, and expressed their determination to affirm their rights, protect their communities and reject the fascist régime imposed by the US/EU/IMF conglomerate.

The cacophony and gesticulations from the State Department, EU leaders and mainstream western media come as no surprise. The frustration is growing in that corner of the world, as not only the plot to impose their will on the people of the Ukraine, but the machinations to provoke the Russian Federation are failing lamentably. The rest of the world is increasingly aware of what is actually happening in the Ukraine, and of the significance of the murders and violence meted out on a courageous people by gangsters. After all, the same “democrats” are just about leaving Afghanistan and the ruins and destruction caused by their presence of eleven years. As for the murdering squads at work in Odessa and East-Ukraine, what the world sees now in Europe is the same criminals, the central and south America death squads trained and funded by the US for decades. Next Mr Obama might lend them drones?

Meanwhile NATO is playing soldiers in Estonia, with the impressive participation of France and other “world powers”. In the hope, presumably, that Asia will continue to buy US bonds to fund the circus?