The Messner Mountain Museum in Firmian near Bozen is bound to become one of the sacred sites of the mountaineering world. The “Enchanted Mountain”, so easily accessible from the main motorway in the Adige valley, and a few km from the city of Bozen, capital of the autonomous province of South-Tyrol Alto Adige, is a treasure of art and memorablia, not solely about the spirit of mountaineering, but of the spirits that inhabit the great summits, and those whose ambition is to understand them.

Messner Mountain Museum in FirmianThe museum is a place of reflection and of spiritual humility. The visitor is faced with memories of great alpinists, mountains-inspired art, artefacts of history related to the location of the museum itself – Sigmundskron – and of course Messner’s long experience and personal journey around and on top of the great mountains of the world. This is Reinhold Messner‘s legacy to a new generation of aspiring mountaineers, visitors, and enthusiasts.

Sigmundskron, and its long history, was at the vortex of the South-Tyrol autonomy movement after the war. There Silvius Magnago, leader of the movement, claimed the right of the german-speaking minority of the Trento province to autonomy. This was eventually achieved in 1992.