Warum Deutschland, das Deutsche Reich und das deutsche Volk vernichtet werden muß -3-

“Seit Gründung des Deutschen Reiches im Jahre 1871 stieg das Land unaufhörlich wirtschaftlich auf. Der Lebensstandard im Deutschen Reich war weit höher, als in den anderen europäischen Ländern. Man investierte nicht sehr viel in den Aufbau von Armee, deren Technik und Flotte, sondern verwendete die sprudelnden Gelder für zivile Projekte.”

Morbus ignorantia - Krankheit Unwissen

Geheimrede von Winston S. Churchill im März 1936 im Unterhaus

“Vierhundert Jahre hindurch hat die auswärtige Politik Englands darin bestanden, der stärksten, aggressivsten und am meisten beherrschenden Macht auf dem Kontinent sich entgegenzustellen. Angesichts Philipps II. von Spanien, gegen Ludwig XIV., unter Wilhelm III. und Marlborough, gegen Napoleon, gegen Wilhelm II. von Deutschland, würde es leicht und muß es zweifellos eine große Versuchung gewesen sein, sich mit dem Starken zu verbünden und die Frucht seiner Eroberungen zu teilen. Jedoch schlugen wir immer den anderen Kurs ein, verbündeten uns mit den weniger starken Mächten, schufen eine Zusammenfassung unter ihnen und beseitigten und vereitelten den kontinentalen Tyrannen, wer es auch immer war und welcher Nation er auch immer angehörte. So bewahrten wir die Freiheit in Europa Bitte beachten Sie, daß die Politik Englands keinerlei Rücksicht darauf nimmt, welche Nation gerade die Herrschaft über Europa erstrebt. Es kommt nicht darauf an, ob…

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G A Zyuganov: “Their Cow Can Moo, But Yours Must Be Silent”

Those who ignore history are bound to repeat the same mistakes…

Voices from Russia


On 7 November 2017, the administration of the US President issued a statement with the lurid title “National Day of Victims of Communism”. However, it was unclear whether the “national day” was American or Russian. Nevertheless, it was very significant that the White House couldn’t ignore the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which the entire planet observed over the past few days. At the same time, it seems that American politicians still have a weak knowledge of history and geography. In Washington, they live in an artificial world, in which America represents everything good, and Russia is the embodiment of evil.

Outrageous unsubstantiated allegations and outright lies fill this document. Full of the baleful spirit of the Cold War, the White House talked about “the dark decades of oppressive communism, a political philosophy incompatible with freedom, prosperity, and respect for human life”. Meanwhile, even Russia’s enemies recognise that the seven decades…

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Wie Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich 1952 vom 3. Weltkrieg spricht

Dämmerung der Westen…

Morbus ignorantia - Krankheit Unwissen

Per Mail  von G.Franz

Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich:
Anfang 1952 wurde der Notstandsrat Europäischer Rabbiner dringend zu einer Zusammenkunft nach Budapest (Ungarn) einberufen, deren Gegenstand und Grund die Beschleunigung der Ausführung der Pläne für die jüdische Weltherrschaft sein sollte. Bei der am 12. Januar 1952 in dieser Stadt abgehaltenen Sitzung gab der Vorsitzende, Rabbi Emanuel RABINOVICH von London, in seiner Ansprache folgende Richtlinien für die nähere Zukunft:

“Ich begrüße Euch, meine Kinder!

Ihr wurdet hierher gerufen, um die hauptsächlichsten Schritte unseres neuen Programmes festzulegen. Wie Ihr wißt, hofften wir, 20 Jahre Zeit vor uns zu haben, um die im II. Weltkrieg von uns erzielten großen Gewinne zu festigen, jedoch hat unsere, auf gewissen lebenswichtigen Gebieten stark zunehmende Stärke, Opposition gegen uns erweckt und wir müssen deshalb jetzt mit allen uns zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln dahin wirken, den Ausbruch des III. Weltkrieges zu beschleunigen.

Das Ziel, das wir während 3000 Jahren mit…

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Interview with Dr. Joseph Goebbels

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1968-101-20A, Joseph Goebbels.jpg

HD – Guten Morgen Herr Doktor, and thank you again for agreeing to meet me for this interview. We know that you are at the moment extremely busy.

JG – Good morning Honoré. I like your use of “we”: do you mean you and your Jewish/American friends, or is it now the “royal We”?

HD – Nothing of the sort, I can assure you, merely a reference to friends who are interested in European politics as well. If I may, I will start with some preliminary questions.

JG – Ha ha… Be my guest, I will answer all intelligent questions!

HD – It has been now some years since your last interview in English (I recall it was with the magazine “Prospect”.) Since then tremendous events have shaken our world: the financial maelstrom of 2008, the wars in the Middle East, the war in the Ukraine. I would like to know your views on these developments, including the rise of the extreme right in Europe.

JG – Mm… I am a bit confused about what you and your estimated colleagues describe as the “far right”. From the perspective of someone of my age – and remember someone the Führer tasked explicitly to remove the bolsheviks from Berlin! – there is no national-revolutionary movement in Europe at present. There might be a slow and hesitant response of some sections of the people to the appalling situation created for workers the world over by Judeo-Capitalism, not a new story. We ourselves succeeded in our enterprise – after much work and sacrifices – because precisely of the mess caused by your masters after WWI. But I probably don’t need to remind you.

HD – Perhaps we could start with this then: what, in your view, is the root case of the crisis we are living through, particularly since the beginning of the banking crisis in the US.

JG – It has all been written long ago. Re-read Mein Kampf, or, even, authors on your side of the fence: there are some worthy lessons in Karl Polanyi, for example. By the late 60’s, Judeo Capitalism decided that enough was enough, they no longer needed gloves to exploit the people. The lessons of the 30’s, the long war, all was now forgotten, buried under the consumerism they had successfully promoted since the war. Within two decades the US and the UK deindustrialised, shipping workers jobs to Asia and other slave colonies. They evidently had prepared their plan carefully. Credit replaced decent wages: the bubble grew. The hyperfinancialisation that followed could only end up in disaster. Your mentor Mr Giovanni Arrighi explained all this superbly! So now the entire building is shaken to its foundation. Moreover the Eurasian continent is moving…

HD  – Before we come to that, I must say I am very surprised to hear you quote Polanyi and Arrighi, Herr Doktor!

JG – You should not be. We, National-Socialists, have always known how to borrow from our enemies. In this case I don’t even see either of them as “enemies”. Simply they did not draw the end conclusions of their own analysis. For example, Arrighi could have drawn some useful insights from the demise of the British Empire, not just in terms of world-system, but indeed in terms of the ultimate failure of what you and your friends call “globalisation”. 

HD – Very interesting… Coming to the Middle-East, what is your analysis of what has been happening since 2001?

JG – There are two root causes, that are closely intertwined. In one sentence: Israel, and the unsolvable Palestine issue, and the “Neo-Cons”, again to borrow your vocabulary. The Neo-Cons are an extension of the Israel lobby in the US. Iraq, Libya, Syria, all are pieces on the board the Jewish state’s game. I am not teaching you anything there. What is, perhaps, relative news to you (but not to us), is the (now) evident collusion of so-called traditional Arab countries, chiefly Saudi-Arabia, and Israel . But, remember, your friend Mr Roosevelt stopped in Ryad on his way back from Yalta – for a reason! So, what we had, in sequence, a provocation (the two towers), a mock, intractable conflict (Afghanistan), and then the beginning of the onslaught, Iraq. The chaos in Iraq was, for all intelligent observers, including ourselves, unavoidable, and deliberate. Saudi money and jewish expertise flowed in, to arm and train the so-called jihadists, and demolish whatever was left of nationhood in the region. The pooddle governments of France and the UK followed suite in Libya. It’s all very clear. The thinking was that no-one in the world could do anything about it. 

HD – Until Syria… What do you think made the Russian Federation act?

JG – We have followed these events with great interest. You see, something your American friends still have not realised, is that Russia has got rid of bolshevism! Russia is reasserting itself, developing a web of alliances with those countries that will count in this and the next century. Russia was in no position to oppose the war to Iraq. Furthermore Mr Hussein was a US agent. But 2014 is not 2003: Mr Putin and his government have done some good work. Look at the statistics that matter: birth rate, industrial production, growth of the arm industry. There is no longer any reason for the US to continue pretending they are the one superpower! And then there is a simple fact, that we knew already when we planned Barbarossa: only the Eurasian landmass will survive absolute war.

HD – You mean nuclear war?

JG – Absolute war, generally, a nuclear engagement would not last very long. What matters is what would follow. We lost the war because Germany was too small. Just think of the combination of Russia and China, and a few allies. So, the bottom line is, that the US State Department and the Pentagon may rage and puff, but Syria is not Libya. From our viewpoint, the US Judeo-Capitalist nexus is on its way out. It will take time, and we are sure a lot more victims around the world. But time is against them. You reminded me of that interview with Prospect, I said it at the time: when we are back there won’t be a Soviet Union to save your bacon! Literally, there ain’t!

HD – Are you saying you are back?

JG – Not yet, but we will. And don’t mention to me those jerks in Kiev! We never trusted those guys, even when we were there in strength, liars and cowards, thugs, not soldiers! The Donbas and Crimea are different. We haven’t forgotten what it cost us to take Sevastopol!

HD – So what is next for the Ukraine?

JG – More misery in the short term. Although part of the US establishment wishes to disengage from the NATO fiasco – and let the German government get on with it – I doubt that Mr Trump will succeed in his bid. So we’ll have another four or even eight years of neocon nonsense. The situation in Eastern Ukraine will get worse, and at some point Russia may well intervene, not softly, but massively. They will show those clowns who really has control. But I may be wrong, there maybe some compromise. I know that our current government does not wish war! Just think about that: who really does?

HD – Hopefully no-one. I thank you again for your time Herr Doktor.

JG – My pleasure. I hope you are enjoying your stay in Berlin!

Photography: Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1968-101-20A, Joseph Goebbels Heinrich Hoffmann / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Crussialism, or the Eternal Fall

Mother Russia…


Russian Universe

Russia & the West.

Pt. II: Crussialism, or the Eternal Fall.

Bearly on top Bearly on top

Strikingly, Europe does not like us and it has never liked us: it has viewed us not as its own, as Europeans, but always as nettlesome outlanders. That is why Europe likes to console itself occasionally with the thought that Russia is somehow “yet powerless”.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, A Writer’s Diary, April 1876.

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‘Putin’s Russia’ or Russia’s Putin?

Mr Gordon M. Hahn is a voice of sanity in the moronic cacophony of US foreign policy!

Russian & Eurasian Politics

photo russia putin

by Gordon M. Hahn


Western observers often use the term ‘Putin’s Russia’ in discussing developments in Russian politics, economics, society, and culture. This has become a ‘meme’ of sorts. Its use is usually an effort to imply the Russian political regime’s authoritarianism—relatively soft, in this author’s view—under Russian President Vladimir Putin. Raising the point of Putin’s authoritarianism in one’s work, preferably at the outset of any piece of writing, is requisite if one hopes to get published nowadays. The phrase ‘Putin’s Russia’ is often intended to lead the reader to make the inferences, such as ‘the Russia of Putin’, the ‘Russia that Putin controls’, ‘Putin controls Russia’, ‘Putin controls part (most) of Russian life’, or the preferable ‘Putin controls everything in Russia.’ However, but the real operational dynamic in the relationship between Putin and ‘his’ Russia is quite the reverse – ‘Russia’s Putin.’

Putin like most other Russians today…

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Plan de l’intervention : Bertolt Brecht et Fritz Lang, le nazisme n’a jamais été éradiqué

Nuit et brouillard…


Il m’a été demandé pour mon intervention à l’Université de Provence, le 2 décembre à Aix, un plan de la dite intervention qui permettrait aux étudiants de se repérer, il m’a également été demandé par une amie cinéaste qui souhaiterait multiplier les interventions autour de ce livre, le même plan et la proposition de modules de films en relation avec ce livre qui permettrait de présenter dans des cinémas mon travail et quelques films en illustration sur plusieurs jours. .
En 1943 sort le film de Brecht et lang : “Les Bourreaux meurent aussi”. Il fait partie de la série de 4 films antinazis de Fritz Lang  . C’est un film de “propagande”, un engagement des deux grands de la littérature et du cinéma auquel il faut ajouter l’immense musicien hanns Eisler. Il est, voulu comme tel par ses auteurs en réponse à la propagande nazie. il est contemporain de…

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Of past ideologies #Capital #Liberation

William Blake, The Simoniac Pope, 1824-1827From: “Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism”, David Harvey, © 2014

Political ideas and strategies that make sense in one place and time do not necessarily apply to another. Many a political movement has failed because it sought to appeal to ideas and ambitions that were well past their sell-by date. We cannot shape our current political strategies and carve out our contemporary political ambitions to fit the defunct ideas of some long-dead political theorist. This does not mean there is nothing to be learned from a study of the past or that no advantage is to be had from drawing upon past memories and traditions for inspiration in the present. What it does imply is an obligation to write the poetry of our own future against the background of the rapidly evolving contradictions of capital’s present.


Image: William Blake, The Simoniac Pope, 1824-1827

Hope and courage in Eastern #Ukraine

National Guardsmen near SlavyanskLast Sunday, 11 May, Europe received a lesson in democratic spirit, dignity and courage from the people of Eastern Ukraine. Faced with the murderous squads, armour and mercenaries of the Kiev junta, the people in Donetsk and Lugansk provinces voted en masse, and expressed their determination to affirm their rights, protect their communities and reject the fascist régime imposed by the US/EU/IMF conglomerate.

The cacophony and gesticulations from the State Department, EU leaders and mainstream western media come as no surprise. The frustration is growing in that corner of the world, as not only the plot to impose their will on the people of the Ukraine, but the machinations to provoke the Russian Federation are failing lamentably. The rest of the world is increasingly aware of what is actually happening in the Ukraine, and of the significance of the murders and violence meted out on a courageous people by gangsters. After all, the same “democrats” are just about leaving Afghanistan and the ruins and destruction caused by their presence of eleven years. As for the murdering squads at work in Odessa and East-Ukraine, what the world sees now in Europe is the same criminals, the central and south America death squads trained and funded by the US for decades. Next Mr Obama might lend them drones?

Meanwhile NATO is playing soldiers in Estonia, with the impressive participation of France and other “world powers”. In the hope, presumably, that Asia will continue to buy US bonds to fund the circus?

A plea for a Federation of European States/1

Europe The dilemma now facing European Union’s leaders, regarding the Ukraine crisis, is less than enviable. While it is relatively easy, and so far free of risks, for the Washington administration to turn a blind eye on the disturbing evidence of the true nature of some of the components of the ‘régime’ now seemingly in control in Kiev – after all, the régime change has been/is generously funded, supported and encouraged by the nexus State Department/CIA/American ultra-right billionaires – the position of the Union, and above all, of Germany, can only be more nuanced.

Western Europe needs Russia, even more than Russia needs Europe; which is not to say that the current crisis is not damaging to Russian interests, now and possibly in the longer term as well. The fragile economic recovery in Europe, German-led and founded on the neo-liberal principles adopted by the EU and its institutions, most notably the European Central Bank, and the quasi totality of member states governments, could receive a death blow should the present confrontation turned into a ‘new’ Cold War.

Confronting the Russian Federation, for example in a futile show of unconditional support for what is effectively a right-wing, ultra-nationalist and neo-fascist pronunciamento, in the Western Ukraine, maybe ‘business as usual’ for the Cold Warriors of Washington, it cannot be to Europe’s interests, and certainly not to the interests of its peace-loving citizens.

The ignorance of recent history and geography, a constant and alarming feature of US foreign policy and ambitions, from Afghanistan to the Balkans, and part of the sinister inheritance from the ‘Raygun era’, does not wash in countries, including those countries issued from the implosion of the USSR in the 90’s,  that were directly affected by WWII in Eastern and Central Europe. The grim statistics of casualties in the Ukraine and the whole USSR speak for themselves, and have never been forgotten, except by the hapless and US (mainly) Republican politicians. Anti-Russian and anti-semite pronouncements by the ‘democrats’, the proud fighters against ‘tyranny’, praised by Mr Kerry in Kiev, cannot over-impress those citizens of the Union, who do know some geography, and have a reasonably good understanding and memory of historical facts.

Since the country’s reunification – Einheit – Germany has been looking increasingly toward the Esat, and to those countries, Poland, the Tcheque Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic nations, that have sought and embraced Union membership. This has been concomitant with a growing and healthy cooperation with Russia, which is not limited to natural gas and oil. It will take more than a few bellicose statements from Washington DC to reverse that position.

It remains that a diplomatic and long-lasting solution must be found. Futile threats of sanctions won’t help, and may just prolong the crisis. The neo-nazis in Kiev must be dealt with, the genuine democrats supported. Peace and civil society must be reasserted, and an agreement sought and negotiated that respects the European aspirations of the western majority, while preserving the sensitivities of the Russian and Russian speaking Southern and Eastern regions.

One could dream that a Federal European Union, doted of truly democratic institutions, and freed from undue US interference, would be better equipped to achieve this.