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Time For An Exodus From Authoritarian Big Tech Platforms

“As most of you already know, my posts have been heavily censored by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube since the dawn of COVID-1984. Largely by good fortune, I managed to survive on those Big Tech platforms for long enough to reach hundreds of thousands of people, with my politically incorrect, radically dissident and anarcho-nationalist content.

However, over the course of the past few months it has become increasingly obvious that those very same Big-Tech platforms are complicit in the systematic suppression of evidence, that is subject to criminal proceedings for fraud, mass murder and treason, right across the world.

Moreover, given the level of censorship every alternative voice is now being subjected to at the arbitrary whims of the virtual Stasi, it simply doesn’t make any sense to allow our adversaries to control the flow of information, which is always the most valuable commodity during treacherous times such as these.”


Of many reasons to leave

As I started these blogs, over ten years ago, I found social media a helpful adjunct, to promote posts, to meet other bloggers, to share. Freedom of expression was then key. We all accepted simple rules: fundamentally to communicate as sensible and decent human beings, irrespective of our beliefs. In a way the dereliction of the mainstream press helped: here we could express, contest, challenge, debate. Sadly this is no longer the case. Something changed, and the change can be dated to the outrageous campaign of villification that targetted opposition movements in Europe, and the presidency of Donald Trump in the USA.

Suffice to say that for any Internet platform to act intrusively, on behalf of vested interests, against the freedom of expression of its customers, is simply unacceptable to free-thinking people. This is a negation of the raison d’être of these platforms. Of course we have known from the start that we too were the product, even in those pages. By signing in, we accepted a degree of loss of privacy and property rights to the corporations that fund the technology. But today censorship in the old sense has reappeared, in all its ugly form. I do not need to be told that “this view is challenged by many”, or “that opinion is contested”: I can check this myself. I believe the US presidential elections of 2020 were fraudulent in the swing states. I believe the whole pandemic saga is another fraud, a plot by corrupt politicians and big pharma to divert once again public funds to private interests. I do not aim at convincing others of this, it’s up to them, but I intend to carry on debating these issues with people whose views I am interested in, without some idiots interfering. So out we go.

People who may want to know what I think, or wish to debate with me, can follow me on these pages, or on Parler. I wish you all a happy and safe 2021.

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