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Turning a page, 24 June 2016 #Brexit #Escape

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Today I am turning a page on the long decades of my life in the United Kingdom. I don’t know how long this kingdom will remain united, and, frankly, I don’t care. I don’t care to live under the farcical régime of the Farages and other Johnsons, those jerks, and suffer the obscenities of the Murdoch’s empire, under the constant barrage of blames and lies, that was, really, only bearable because Europe was there, very close. It ain’t anymore.

Evidently the “markets” have their own, very well expressed views. A devaluation of 10% or more is on the card. For someone, like me, who plans now to spend the rest of his life away from these shores, and much further East, this is, of course, very bad news. As many others I depend on a sterling income, years of savings and hard work, all the way paying our due to the “Exchequer”. But this, on the scale of this debacle, is small stuff.

The important thing is now to escape, to seek cultural solace under a different sky, and different voices. It was planned, it is now urgent. So we’ll keep working on it, as we have done, in all justice, since the first clouds started showing up on the horizon… We’ll leave happily, this little wet parcel of earth to the future generations to rebuild, as they see fit. And we wish them good luck.


The Real “Snipers’ Massacre”, Ukraine, February 2014: Updated/Revised Working Paper

Old lies, anything to justify the unjustifiable #EU #Ukraine #junta

Russian and Eurasian Politics

photo snipers massacre

by Gordon M. Hahn

The February Snipers’ Massacre:


On February 18-20th there was a major escalation of the violence, ending in a massacre on the 20th. In the center of a European capitol over one hundred police and demonstrators were shot to death and hundreds more were wounded. Despite the heavy casualties suffered by police, Western governments, the opposition-turned government on the next day, and Western and Maidan media were unanimous in reporting that the massacre was ordered by President Yanukovych and that the shooting was initiated and carried out exclusively or nearly so by snipers from the state’s police and security organs using professional sniper rifles. To this day, most in Kiev believe it was more likely that Russian special forces organized and perhaps even carried out the slaughter. As discussed further below, the Maidan government’s chief of the Security Service of Ukraine, Kiev’s equivalent…

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NATO’s Full-Spectrum War against Yugoslavia: Demonization of Serbs Was Key

Lies upon lies, never to admit them, more lies covering old ones…


by Edward S. Herman, reposted from

Many well-qualified observers of the Bosnia wars were appalled at the biased reporting and gullibility of mainstream journalists.

The successful demonization of the Serbs, making them largely responsible for the Yugoslav wars, and as unique and genocidal killers, was one of the great propaganda triumphs of our era. It was done so quickly, with such uniformity and uncritical zeal in the mainstream Western media, that disinformation had (and still has, after almost two decades) a field day.

mostar1Mostar’s Ottoman-era bridge damaged by Croatian forces’ shelling

The demonization flowed from the gullibility of Western interests and media (and intellectuals). With Yugoslavia no longer useful as an ally after the fall of the Soviet Union, and actually an obstacle as an independent state with a still social democratic bent, the NATO powers aimed at its dismantlement, and they actively supported the secession of Slovenia, Croatia…

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Manuel Ochsenreiter: Тoday´s Тhreat to Europe is the US Occupation

“I seriously hope that our political class won´t be stupid enough to execute any military experiments against Russia. But I am convinced: The German population wouldn´t support today or in the future any aggression towards Moscow. Thank God.”

Manuel Ochsenreiter: Тoday´s Тhreat to Europe is the US Occupation


Nedic's_Serbia_coat_of_arms Interviewer: Dragana Trifkovic

* Manuel Ochsenreiter  is an award winning German journalist who regularly appears on RT covering subjects ranging from US military and economic hegemony in the world, to socio-political matters within Europe.  Ochsenreiter was from 2004-2011 chief editor of Deutschen Militärzeitschrift, for which he continues to write.  In March 2011, he moved to the same position for monthly Zuerst!

* Dragana Trifkovic is the Director General of the Center for Geostrategic Studies, and is an Engineer, Author (FSJ, Geopolitika, Novi Standard, NSPM, Zuerst), as well as a Member of the DSS political council.  She writes regular columns and articles for Serbian political, ideological, geostrategic and geopolitical publications, and has appeared numerous times on Serbian television.  

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Donetsk’s faint hopes for new ceasefire in Ukraine

Where will this lead Europe?

“The March of Heroes”

Candidate for EU?

upaV1Banderite atocities. Proud of being merciless.

Preamble: “The March of Heroes”—a torchlight procession of Right Sector activists—took place today in Odessa. It was arranged by two nationalist social and political organisations: Social-Nationalist Assembly (SNA) and the social organisation “Patriot of Ukraine”. They were joined by fighters of the Azov Battalion, who had returned to civilian life from the ATO zone as a result of the recent troop rotation. Azov is staffed by activists of the SNA and, according to the organisers of the march, “it was initially considered a Right Sector battalion.” Right Sector football fans and other “patriotic youth” also participated in the procession. The march has threatened to become the main event in the city of late. A “March of Heroes” was also held in Kiev and Kharkov. It is not yet clear what the consequences are for the residents of those cities. We will probably find out later. However…

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On Sleepwalking, and unintended consequences of War

Reflections on a reading of Christopher Clark’s The Sleepwalkers, How Europe Went to War in 1914 (Allen Lane, 2012, Penguin Books, 2013, © Christopher Clark, 2012)

Dragutin Dimitrijevic ApisThis is a drama whose ending we know, only too well. It is to Christopher Clark’s credit to make us realise, at long last, how it started. In awe, we observe the events of those haunting years, from the Balkan “crisis” of 1912, to the July 1914 Austrian ultimatum to Serbia, following the assassination of Frank-Ferdinand, heir to the throne, as if watching, in slow motion, the silent collapse of a tall building, as we did in September 2001.

“The Sleepwalkers” read, at times, like the scenario of an implacable nightmare, or a devilish horror movie. Surely, we think, “they” must have realised, “didn’t they know what was coming?” We see Poincaré, ensconced in his inept germanophobia, on the deck of his warship, on his way to meeting with the tzar in Saint-Petersburg, we follow the sickly assassin on his progress to Sarajevo, nurtured by the sinister Black Hand, we listen to the pontifications of Lord Grey, the British Foreign Secretary… With horror, and perhaps not without a reflection on the crimes of our own time, we see the Italian Air Force bombing Libya. Few of those events do not have some eerie counterparts in our time, in these first decades of the twentieth century. Of course, it is not that history risks repeating itself: only human folly, like Capital, knows how to reproduce itself, whatever the circumstances.

1914 Austria-Hungary is surely not 2014 Russia, nor today’s Ukraine yesterday’s Serbia.

Clark’s equally masterly “Iron Kingdom” makes a more comfortable reading for a convinced European: perhaps because its conclusion, the reintegration of Prussia into a modern, peaceful and reunited Germany, is more palatable to our mind, than the inexorable prospect of Armageddon in  “The Sleepwalkers”. For the Sleepwalkers are among us, and in the restless comfort of this fragile peace, we wonder if we are not them. Clark stresses the importance of understanding the thought process of the then decision makers, rather than the ritual attribution of responsibilities. His account makes, for us, in 2014, painful reading: confusion, mistrust, fear, unaccountable media (already…), propensity to posturing, lies, false promises, it is already all there. For the “Entente”, the improbable and shaky alliance of the French Republic, its historical arch-rival Great Britain, and imperial Russia, should we read today’s Union? Surely not, I hear you say.

Then, there is the Other, as yet hardly visible. Yet, by 1910, the US industrial production has already overtaken the combined outputs of the United Kingdom and Germany. The “Great War” would kill over fifteen millions human beings, devastate Belgium, Northern France, part of Austria, Italy and the Balkans. It will trigger murderous revolutions in Russia and Germany, and tragically end three, once powerful, dynasties: the Habsburg, the Hohenzollern and the Romanov. The UK and France would end up in debt for decades. Their colonial empires would be, by then, doomed to annihilation.

Image: Dragutin Dimitrijevic Apis (Драгутин Димитријевић Апис), leader of the Black Hand and prominent member of the Serbian General Staff

A letter from 2084

Toward the end of his life an old historian writes to his grand daughter: about his memories of the early decades of the twenty first century, and his readings.

Thursday 24 July, 2084

Berlin, Euro-Asian Confederation

To: Julie Paulus

University of Navajo City

Central and South-American Federation

Friedrich PaulusMy dear Julie,

As you can see I am getting into this new technology, and love the soft sound of the typewriter as I write. First of all I want to thank you for your best wishes. In truth things are pretty good for us, and the news of the success of the Asian mission to Jupiter has really cheered us up.

The city is wearing her summer dress, and the museums are full, crowds of your fellow citizens, often in beautifully decorated local costumes, were yesterday looking in amazement at the old Bundestag, which is for me, in still historical times, the Reichstag.

Indeed I sometimes feel I am living in the past.

I have been reading, I should say re-reading, two books. One was written about seventy years ago by an Australian historian who researched the events preceding the first (some say second) European civil war of 1914-1918, also called the first “World-War”. “The Sleepwalkers” – that’s the title – explains how “great powers”’s greed and inept political judgement, led to the disaster. At that time the crisis centred around the Balkan region, and was largely provoked by the ambitions of politicians who did not understand the consequences of their actions.

The second book, you know already, I think, as it has been part of the textbooks for secondary history teaching the world over, for nearly half a century. Written in 2035 by the North American diplomat who was instrumental in the early peace negotiations, “They were invincible” is a harrowing account of the crisis in the then Ukraine and West-Russia that ultimately precipitated World-War 3. The book describes the idiocy of the then European Union’s leadership, and the incredible arrogance of what was US diplomacy, coupled with the deviousness of some of their opponents. Concomitant with the tragedies of the Middle-East, the spiral of events that led to the inevitability of the war, is frighteningly similar to the events of 1913-14, as if world politicians had learnt nothing from two world wars.

As you know my studies took me elsewhere, to the formation of the four great alliances that now shape our peaceful world. It took the destruction of the US surface fleet, and of several great cities in 2017, for mankind to realise it was heading for self-destruction, a fact long predicted by writers and historians through the preceding century. Now, the Euro-Asian Confederation, that comprises what used to be the European Union, the Russian Federation, central Asian countries, Afghanistan, China and the countries of the Indochinese peninsula; the Pacific Union, that comprises Japan, Australasia and the North American federation (what used to be Canada and part of the United States of America); the Afro-West Asian Federal Republic, the largest union geographically stretching from South Africa to Iran and India; and of course your country, the central and South-American Union, from Oregon to Antartica, have, at long last, secured peace through total disarmament. I remember the birth of the new United Nations, and the role played by scientists, historians, and people of goodwill, from all the world, following the disaster.

I will tell you more when I am ready to publish my thoughts!

Let me know when we can expect your visit (I appreciate that the crossing takes several days, but then no-one of my generation would regret the loss of the environmental disaster called “air travel” as we knew it). I know also you have been busy with this wonderful project of cleaning the oceans from the last remnants of plastic rubbish, and I am impressed by the science behind it.


Friedrich-Karl Paulus

In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia | John Pilger | Comment is free | The Guardian

The Hundred-Year War

In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia | John Pilger | Comment is free | The Guardian.


Hope and courage in Eastern #Ukraine

National Guardsmen near SlavyanskLast Sunday, 11 May, Europe received a lesson in democratic spirit, dignity and courage from the people of Eastern Ukraine. Faced with the murderous squads, armour and mercenaries of the Kiev junta, the people in Donetsk and Lugansk provinces voted en masse, and expressed their determination to affirm their rights, protect their communities and reject the fascist régime imposed by the US/EU/IMF conglomerate.

The cacophony and gesticulations from the State Department, EU leaders and mainstream western media come as no surprise. The frustration is growing in that corner of the world, as not only the plot to impose their will on the people of the Ukraine, but the machinations to provoke the Russian Federation are failing lamentably. The rest of the world is increasingly aware of what is actually happening in the Ukraine, and of the significance of the murders and violence meted out on a courageous people by gangsters. After all, the same “democrats” are just about leaving Afghanistan and the ruins and destruction caused by their presence of eleven years. As for the murdering squads at work in Odessa and East-Ukraine, what the world sees now in Europe is the same criminals, the central and south America death squads trained and funded by the US for decades. Next Mr Obama might lend them drones?

Meanwhile NATO is playing soldiers in Estonia, with the impressive participation of France and other “world powers”. In the hope, presumably, that Asia will continue to buy US bonds to fund the circus?