Le Pen-Macron, degré zéro

“Si les Français ne trouvent pas dans les 12 mois à venir, d’une manière ou d’une autre, moyen de se débarrasser de cette chimère à deux visages, la France aura franchi une étape supplémentaire décisive dans la voie du déclin.”

Maxime Tandonnet - Mon blog personnel

Et toujours la glaciation des sondages qui annoncent depuis 4 ans un triomphe inéluctable du tandem le Pen-Macron au 1er tour des présidentielles de 2022, puis un succès un peu moins inéluctable mais vraisemblable de M. Macron au second tour. Les deux candidats favoris du scrutin procèdent de la même logique et se ressemblent au fond comme des siamois. L’un s’est présenté aux Français après son élection en 2017 comme le dieu des dieux, Jupiter, leur a promis “la transformation de la France” et un “nouveau monde”. Or son quinquennat ne fut que descente aux enfers, avec les crises des GJ puis le mouvement social et le chaos de la crise sanitaire, ponctué par ses insultes contre la nation prononcées depuis l’étranger (Gaulois réfractaires) et des provocations nihilistes contre l’identité et l’histoire de France, – à déconstruire – un immobilisme radical sous le vernis de quelques coups médiatiques destructeurs, un…

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Politique française, le niveau baisse dramatiquement

“Les nouvelles générations de politiques sont globalement le produit du vertigineux déclin scolaire français confirmé par de nombreuses études. “

Maxime Tandonnet - Mon blog personnel

[Mon article, publié mardi 20 avril dernier dans le Figaro]

L’anecdote a beaucoup fait parler d’elle. Le 14 avril, un élu de Vincennes a demandé la suppression d’une subvention au Yacht club de cette ville en fustigeant le caractère polluant de la navigation à voile… Cette proposition (non retenue) a choqué l’opinion par son caractère emblématique de l’absurdité en politique.

Tenir des propos manifestement inintelligents ou qui relèvent de l’aberration au regard de la tradition démocratique française devient en effet une habitude dans le monde politico-médiatique. Une élue importante de la majorité parisienne affirme que «les blancs doivent se taire» lors des réunions «non mixtes». Une maire de grande ville prétend détourner les enfants «des rêves aériens». Une ministre se réfère à «Spiderman» pour évoquer la notion de responsabilité et prône «des quartiers sans relou». Le porte-parole du RN réclame des «excuses» de l’occupant de l’Elysée pour les 100000 morts…

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Serious Allegations…

“Please share far and wide, as well as promoting the case in any way you can because we have the prima facie evidence to sustain each of the serious allegations they are making. Therefore, whatever the outcome, they are more than worthy of the vociferous support of everybody living on these ancient isles.”

Haro sur l’Empereur ou la mémoire détournée

La tonalité générale que prend la célébration du bicentenaire de la mort de Napoléon est symptomatique de l’abrutissement de l’époque.

Maxime Tandonnet - Mon blog personnel

La tonalité générale que prend la célébration du bicentenaire de la mort de Napoléon est symptomatique de l’abrutissement de l’époque. Par exemple: “Napoléon a agi comme il l’a fait en toutes choses : sans affect, et sans morale. La Fondation pour la Mémoire de l’Esclavage (FME), en cette année du 200e anniversaire de sa mort, a publié vendredi une note sur le rétablissement de l’esclavage par Napoléon. C’était en 1802. Le futur Empereur – il n’était alors que Premier Consul – avait rétabli sans état d’âme l’esclavage aboli par la Révolution. Il avait même laissé s’instaurer un régime colonial plus ségrégationniste que sous la monarchie. Jean-Marc Ayrault, ex-Premier ministre et président de la FME, explique : Cette décision n’est pas un ‘accident de parcours’ mais s’inscrit dans sa pratique du pouvoir et dans son ambition impériale.” Les chercheurs, la presse et les médias dans leur majorité, détournent l’histoire en présentant Napoléon…

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What are they trying to do to us?

“The Great Reset is, ultimately, about resetting the capitalist economy by allowing it to expand into new realms, to privatise and exploit new “products” that it could not previously reach.

Those “products” are us, our lives and our world – human and natural “capital”.”

winter oak

A brief overview

Life has become very strange indeed for billions of people since March 2020.

We are no longer allowed to do what we always did, see who we want to see, live freely in the way we fondly imagined we were entitled to do.

Everything has changed. Now we have to check the latest restrictions on our movements and activities. We can’t go to concerts, football matches, pubs or cafés. We are told to avoid other people and to wear masks to cover our faces when we do share the same spaces.

Nobody knows what the future holds for them or their family. Insecurity and anxiety are rife.

To start with, these were supposedly emergency measures, but the weeks turned into months without any end in sight.

Now we are being told that it could be years before we are allowed to resume our lives and even then…

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Upcoming NATO Summit and the Great Game for the Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region is home to 60% of the world’s population. Regarding 4.5 billion people in the region, their plight may prove to be best expressed in the words of a story by Rabindranath Tagore: when elephants fight, the grass suffers.


Upcoming NATO Summit and the Great Game for the Asia-Pacific
Rick Rozoff

An article appeared on the website of the Atlantic Council on March 26 entitled Opportunity knocks for NATO and its partners in the Asia-Pacific, which elaborates plans for continuing and qualitatively upgrading the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s steady but largely unnoticed penetration of that region through military partnerships, port visits and exercises with NATO naval groups and the establishment of Asia-Pacific nations’ liaison offices at NATO Headquarters in Brussels among other measures. It came as it did immediately after the recent two-day foreign ministers meeting at NATO Headquarters before and after which NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Anthony Blinken unrelentingly thundered against China and Russia, with Blinken casting them into the same category with Iran and North Korea as threats not only to the Asia-Pacific region where they’re situated but to…

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Oh I am not saying there won’t be other weapons…but the fear factor is the number one killer. People willing to do as told out of fear without a shot fired, only a shot given. Others will die physically from fear, weak hearts, heart attacks, gasping for breath via anxiety attacks, suicides, hopelessness, getting killed via rioting, shot for stealing, tresspassing, all manner of chaotic street wars due to fear of what is coming. Fear through hopelessness and being godless living for today for tomorrow we die attitude. For many, it’s selling out to be a street soldier for silver because there are no other jobs except those as a thug in the street.


Isaac Hill wears a gas mask along with his cap & gown during the graduation  ceremony for Skyline High School at Motor Vu Drive-In in Idaho Falls, USA |  The coronavirus outbreak

What if WWIII is virtual? Designed to drive you over the edge into madness for fear of what is coming on the earth…. fear is the opposite of faith! Fear destroys your immune system, wearies your heart, leaves you in a pit of despair, opposite of God’s love. It is what manifests illness, and creates mental confusion, despair that can lead to anger and onslaught through warring with each other, and suicides? What if the war on the mind is the weapon? What will you do to reverse this weapon? It’s time to expose it! Mind control is real and they know how to trigger complete and total despair and fear within your mind if you allow them to give you their virtual world full of lies. It is happening now and very real. How will you survive a bunch of crazies who believe all the lies? They will be…

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Independent Research…

Because of the lack of long term safety assessment and the new nature of this technology, people are participating in a mass human experiment with no way of knowing the long term health effects these could cause. Many problems from vaccines are known to have an incubatory period and do not manifest until much later, which is why testing needs to occur for multiple years in order to adequately assess risk.

Stuart France

First of all, up until this point, there has never been any successful vaccine for coronaviruses in humans due to a problem typical of coronavirus vaccine development called antibody-dependent enhancement or ADE. In preliminary animal trials for previous coronavirus vaccines (SARS and MERS), animals were vaccinated and seemed to exhibit a robust antibody response, but upon exposure to the wild virus, they developed a paradoxical immune enhancement leading to severe organ inflammation (especially in lungs), and they died. Paradoxical immune response in coronavirus vaccines has also taken place in human trials, which occurred during testing of the failed RSV vaccines of the 1950s. Alarmingly, there are some statistical indications of ADE in covid vaccine trials, but there is no way to know for sure because many key signifiers of ADE weren’t specifically addressed. Due to emergency protocol, the usual method of testing animals prior to humans was bypassed, limited animal…

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Lockdowns fördern den „Great reset“

Die Führung bildet eine besondere Klasse von rd. 3000 Superreichen – wie z.B dem Amerikaner Bill Gates, und herausragenden politischen Persönlichkeiten – wie z.B. Antonio Guterres, der GenSek der Vereinten Nationen, der mit seinem Stab und der EU-Kommission bereits die Migrationsabkommen der VN und der EU mitgestaltet hat.



Dieter Farwick, BrigGen a.D. und Publizist *)

Wenn man sich mit dem „Great reset “ befasst, den das Weltwirtschaftsforum in max. 9 Jahren durch eine „Große Transformation“ der Menschheit vollenden will, wird man an „Glückverheißungen“ der Geschichte erinnert. Sie haben ein gemeinsames Ergebnis gebracht: Sie sind alle gescheitert.

Der „neue Mensch“, der im Mittelpunkt der „vierten friedlichen Revolution“ stehen soll, wird bereits seit Jahren „gezüchtet“ – auch in den Jugendorganisationen des WEF.

Die Gruppe der „young global leaders“ durchläuft einen jahrelangen Ausbildungs-, Erziehungs- und Auswahlprozess. Als Zwischenergebnis sollen ausgewählte junge Frauen und junge Männer auf Führungspositionen in der Politik, in Wirtschaft und Handel und in ausgesuchten Bereichen der Wissenschaft vorbereitet werden.

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Religious Freedom Day: A Humanist Activist Mystic Christian Philosopher

“I will only say that I had the impression of being in the presence of an absolutely transparent soul which was ready to be reabsorbed into original light.”

Flowers For Socrates

Religious Freedom Day was established on January 16th by the U.S. Congress in 1992. It celebrates the enactment in 1786 of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, written by Thomas Jefferson, who asked that his tombstone recognize that he was the author of the bill, along with the Declaration of Independence and the founding of the University of Virginia, as one of the three things for which he wished to be remembered. He drafted the bill in 1777, but it took a decade to be finally pushed through by James Madison, who was at that time a member of the House of Delegates. The bill disestablished the Anglican Church as the official state church, and is regarded as the root of how the framers of the U.S. Constitution approached matters of religion and government.


I had never heard of Simone Weil until I read Ed Hirsch’s poem:

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