Oh I am not saying there won’t be other weapons…but the fear factor is the number one killer. People willing to do as told out of fear without a shot fired, only a shot given. Others will die physically from fear, weak hearts, heart attacks, gasping for breath via anxiety attacks, suicides, hopelessness, getting killed via rioting, shot for stealing, tresspassing, all manner of chaotic street wars due to fear of what is coming. Fear through hopelessness and being godless living for today for tomorrow we die attitude. For many, it’s selling out to be a street soldier for silver because there are no other jobs except those as a thug in the street.


Isaac Hill wears a gas mask along with his cap & gown during the graduation  ceremony for Skyline High School at Motor Vu Drive-In in Idaho Falls, USA |  The coronavirus outbreak

What if WWIII is virtual? Designed to drive you over the edge into madness for fear of what is coming on the earth…. fear is the opposite of faith! Fear destroys your immune system, wearies your heart, leaves you in a pit of despair, opposite of God’s love. It is what manifests illness, and creates mental confusion, despair that can lead to anger and onslaught through warring with each other, and suicides? What if the war on the mind is the weapon? What will you do to reverse this weapon? It’s time to expose it! Mind control is real and they know how to trigger complete and total despair and fear within your mind if you allow them to give you their virtual world full of lies. It is happening now and very real. How will you survive a bunch of crazies who believe all the lies? They will be…

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