Pt4 – Rethinking the Future beyond Left and Right: in the Web of #FakeLeft

The never-ending war…

Global Political Analysis

The fake left is a decoy: a hunter’s trap to break the leg of any possible revolution.”

In effect the presence of Fake Left as ‘opposition’ is extremely harmful to the cause of the Real Left – and of the Real Opposition itself – since the fake versions of Left are substitutes of any mass-action that would lead to real changes in the system. The activities of the Fake Left maintain the false impression that the issues we, the 99% identified and struggle with, are ‘being taken care of’, and under such false impression the masses fail to organise and remain in a passive waiting position.

Summary of former parts and the aim of this post

The primary goal of the “Rethinking the Future” blog-series is to unite the 99% on the shared ground of the concerns and goals both the Left and the Right relate to, and…

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