Goethe, Zombies, Slavery, Indian Wars, Frankenstein and Terror

“The alternate is the self-destructing civil war that globalization, individualization and digitalization are trying to prevent but which they cannot bridge…”

Okanagan Okanogan

The very humanitarian crisis in Syria and recent violence in Paris are embedded in it. It stems from dominant concepts of identity, politics, freedom, economy, technology, and art.


No Part of a Society is Separate

Sterilized geese, a fertilized monoculture , and invasive lake weed mowing, to create an image of human paradise on the shores of Okanagan Lake.This activity comes from the same root as university education.

I don’t mean to slam universities, just that the problem is here among all of us, embraced by most if not all of us, and is connected directly to the strengths of our cultures. This makes it a classic tragic flaw.

To refresh your memory:

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJiAAAAJGUyZGNmZDhlLTI3ZWEtNGUyNy1hMmM0LTgyZmFlNmUwOGQ5MwTragic Flaw:that which makes one great is that which destroys one. It is a dual gift-and-curse from one’s ancestors. It is inescapable, but how one meets it is what makes a person human.

With your indulgence, I will…

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