Interview with the son of an Holocaust Survivor

We will never forget! Glory to the CCCP and the heroes of the Eastern Front!

Espresso with Pavel

This is the second of 3 interviews with personal friend, the children of Survivors of the Holocaust. These interviews are devoted to the memories and our obligation to remember so we can tell the following generations of the horrors inflected by Nazi Germany and their Allies of Evil. Entire generations and families have been wiped out. These are the stories of the children of the survivors. So some day we might forgive but we may never forget!

How was your family impacted by the Holocaust?

Both my parents are Jewish and at both sides most of the families were murdered in concentration camps. My mother had the luck of being on an excursion with school when the Nazi’s raided their house and took my grandparents and uncle away. A teacher understood what happened and brought my mother to a farm in the south. The farmer family took her and organized…

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