28 April 2015. They’re All Passing… How Much Longer Shall We Have Them?

We need to put down the beast again… God willing, the cost won’t be so high…

Voices from Russia

00 Nikolai M Belyaev. rusia. last surviving Reichstag veteran. 28.04.15


The generation of heroes that put down fascism is passing… they’re dying. There are only a few left of that cohort. They fought to free the world of the corrosive racist ideology of Nazism… a uniquely-evil construct that killed more people in 12 short years than many tyrannies did in a century. The whole world banded together to put that evil down.

Sadly, that evil is re-emerging under American auspices… it’s not just the neo-Nazi fascists in the Ukraine… it’s neo-Confederates in the American South… it’s Cuban rightwingers in Miami… it’s the vicious racists in the Baltic states… no… Nazism isn’t dead anymore. Rightwingers in America conjured it up from its grave. The Koch brothers finance it… Fox News propagandises for it… the Republican Party embraces it as its ideology… the “Evangelicals” dress it up in pseudo-religious vesture. We need to put down the beast again… God willing, the…

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