The US of A’s destiny – #tyranny #fascism #NativeAmericans #genocide

Herausgegeben vom Reichsministerium des Innern - Reichsgesetzblatt I 1935 S. 1145As an old European (old enough anyway to remember clearly the glorious behaviour of France and the UK after WWII), and a friend of the USA, now observer of the tragedies of Palestine and Eastern-Ukraine, I often wonder what pushes the United States governments, irrespective of colours, with the apparent approval, even if passive, of a sizeable section of the white US electorate, to fund, arm, lie on behalf of, abject rightwing régimes the world over. The record is not arguable, from Chang-Kai-Shek to the new-born Nazi humunculi of Kiev, via Franco, a variety of South and Central American dictators, the fascistic colonels in Greece, the not too glorious generals of the so-called Republic of South-Vietnam, Signor Pinochet, the clownesque but lethal Mobutu, without forgetting the evil dynasty of Saud.

Of course, I understand the marxian analysis: corporate interests lie with conservative governments, that know how to protect divine private property and assets, if necessary by massacring their citizens, or their neighbours. America is the supreme, all-powerful, bully to the service of such interests, and protector of last resort of Capital Accumulation.

It does not entirely explain the taste of generations of US politicians to deny, or justify under ludicrous reasons, and more lies, the genocidal crimes committed by themselves, or under their protection, from the destruction of undefended German and Japanese cities in WWII, to the burning of Korean cities in 1954, the bombing and chemical onslaught on Viet-Nam, the removal of countless democratically elected governments (such as in the Congo and Iran), the active support (and arming) of Saddham Hussein’s criminal war against the Islamic Republic of Iran – and recently the use of weapons of mass destruction, directly or by proxy, in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, and now the Ukraine.

Perhaps, to understand the logic, one has to go as far back as the Indian Removal Act of 1830, and the Trail of Tears, the thousands and thousands of Native Americans butchered to make space for the cream of European “colonists”. For the truth is here: the US élite is the extension, in direct line, of the same variety of ruthless, immoral, criminals that dominated Europe for centuries. For the Indian lands of North and South America, read Indochina, North Africa, those rich colonies plundered by western powers. The quasi-elimination of the Native population of America is, with slavery, the greatest genocide of all.

One day, in his Spandau jail, Albert Speer explained that the model for the Nazi racial laws of 1935 were indeed inspired by the Indian Removal Act. The loop is closed.


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