Ghosts from the past, or a Threat to Europe and Democracy? #Ukraine

Treptower Park, BerlinThis is 2014 and Europe remembers the slaughter of the First World War. At least those of us with a brain will. No doubt the same gutter press, or its successors, that showed, then, complete irresponsibility, will have their own version of that glorious episode…

On May 9 those of us, with even fresher memories, will celebrate Victory Day: victory over the hydra of fascism, a victory won at a very high price by the people of the USSR, and the courageous resistance throughout Europe, and singularly, in Poland, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Greece.

It is perhaps just timely, given this background, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to publish a White Book on Violations of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Ukraine (November 2013 – March 2014). The White Book is a sober, well documented, record of the vicious violence, racist abuses, unlawful imprisonment, beatings, torture, pogroms, thefts, committed so far (March 2014) by the fascistic “good democrats” before and since the putsch of February 2014.

Some of the facts were, in part, known from reports mainly in the non-mainstream independent western media, the Russian news channels and local witnesses. Western mainstream media has, as ever, been conducting a smoke and mirrors disinformation campaign aimed at supporting the State Department’s claims of Russian “aggression”. I expect Mr Kerry will dismiss this as another example of “propaganda”, but do not expect a blow by blow critique of the record, since it is unassailable, each fact being dated, located with names of victims or perpetrators.

What comes out of a first reading is, first of all, a sense of revulsion that this could be happening in the middle of Europe, and that such acts, and the thugs perpetrating them, have the support of the unelected European top bureaucracy, as well as of the US government. A second thought is about how moderate the Russian response to the events has been (so far), given the long list of abuses and destruction of Russian property, and harassment of Russian journalists, that has and is taking place.

A tempting conclusion is that we are witnessing the birth of a fascist régime, in 2014, in the middle of Europe. However it will be worth for people of goodwill, here, elsewhere in Europe, and in the US, to reflect on the motivation for publishing the White Book now, as events unfold, as explained in the introduction:

The history of the twentieth century has given tragic lessons which would be irresponsible and also at times just unlawful to ignore. The White Book is a signal to those who have forgotten this or pretend to forget. Those who cynically, in pursuit of their own selfish interests and under the guise of good intentions and pseudo-democratic demagogy, are plunging a multimillion multi-ethnic Ukrainian population into extremism, lawlessness, and a deep crisis of national identity.

The onslaught of racism, xenophobia, ethnic intolerance, the glorification of the Nazis and their Banderite sycophants should be brought to a speedy end through the united efforts of the Ukrainian people and the international community. The alternative is fraught with so devastating consequences for peace, stability, and democratic development in Europe, that it is absolutely necessary to prevent further escalation of this situation.

We have to reflect on the past decades: the violence meted out to small countries and people everywhere: in South America, in Asia, in the Middle-East, in Africa. We must remember the horrors of the US-sponsored régimes of Pinochet and other puppets of corporate interests. We must admit that our horror over the violence in Ukraine, is in part due to the fact that Ukraine – like in 1990 Yugoslavia – is in Europe. But worse is being committed, has been committed, for decades, outside Europe in the name of “democracy” and “freedom”. Let us look at Iraq, Libya, Syria, at Egypt…

So, where do we go from here? The White Book was published before the murders of Odessa, where scores of local residents, protesting against the fascists, were burnt alive deliberately or beaten to death by the thugs. The violence won’t stop there. What history has taught us is that the hydra must be killed: it knows neither pity nor reason.

In the background Nato’s posturing in the Baltic and Poland. There, conservative and reactionary governments have requested “more presence”. And Nato appears to be willing to comply. There is only one problem. The Russian Federation of today is no longer what it was when Washington was running circles around Yeltsin. It is not the USSR, nor Nazi Germany in 1940… But it is there, and again, the lesson of history, is: don’t mess with Russia.

Across the globe, in the Pacific, the “Lord of the Drones”, aka the President of the US of A, is weaving his little alliances, overtly, to encircle China. One wonders what the strategy really is… There is such a thing as “folie des grandeurs”!

Back to the Ukraine, there is more to what happens there than the murderous antics of the Kiev puppets: what the IMF is doing, backed by US corporations and mercenaries: what we are witnessing is Neoliberalism in action, a virulent variety of it. And of course it is already at work, in Greece, and in Bosnia…

I will celebrate Victory Day on 9 May.


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