Modern Contemplation Rock


Evelyne Holingue


There has been more recent talk about the impact of social media on our human lives.

How do they change the way we interact with each other? How sincere or narcissist are we when we network on social media?

This week the debate culminates as Facebook, still the name that comes to mind when we talk of social media, is turning ten years old.

In an interesting turn of events, Cheri Lucas Rowlands’s photo and its caption Contemplation allow me to reflect on the topic as well.

Ten years ago, when we were squatting on a rock, in an ancestral position, like the man on the photo, we gazed at the ocean, imagining what our eyes couldn’t see while regrouping.Sometimes we brought our camera. But if we shot pictures, we didn’t send them instantly with punchy captions to our “friends” and “followers” across the planet.

Often alone on…

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