#WritersWednesday: In Praise of White Poppies

Dresden, Teilansicht des zerstörten Stadtzentrums über die Elbe nach der Neustadt. In der Bildmitte der Neumarkt und die Ruine der Frauenkirche.

We will wear a white poppy from now on, in November. Listening to the unctuous words of a political class that does not hesitate to send young men and women to war, on lies and idiotic excuses, of course guarding themselves to ever wear a uniform, we just felt utter revulsion.

Nothing is new. As a franco-german household, we’ve always seen the two European world-wars as civil wars, caused by the folly of politicians and their henchmen in industry and the media. That there is always a party of war is a sad truth. It is made of bigots, hypocrites, profiteers and the inept, the clueless, who end up as cannon fodder among the real innocent.

So this year, we remembered: our grand fathers who died on opposite sides of those trenches, but in the same spirit: that of awe and terror at the hell those liars had sent them to; the fallen citizen-soldiers in their millions, and the martyr cities of the 20th, and now, the 21st century, already (only a small sample listed here):

Verdun (1916-17), Reims (1917), Nanking (1937), Coventry (1940), Lübeck (1942), Hamburg (1943), Kiel (1944), Bremen (1944), Stuttgart (1944), Warsaw (1994), Dresden (1944), Berlin (1945), Leningrad (1941-45), Stalingrad (1943), Tokyo (1944), Hiroshima (1945), Nagasaki (1945), Pyongyang (1953), Hué (1968), Pnom-Penh (1975), New-York (2001), Bagdhad (to date)… 

Remembrance must not be an opportunity for liars to retell their tales: that political class and their lackeys only deserve our contempt and that of our Dead. We hope that some of these devils, at least, will face trial for their (war) crimes. 


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