End of an era?

It was bound to end, sooner or later. Back in 2004 Madeleine Albright already asked: “Do you imagine they have Bin Laden somewhere in a cage?” This was shortly before the November elections, and not long after the US Military had got hold of Sadam. One may wonder about the timing, what with the Libyan fiasco in the making, no real good news in Afghanistan, and of course the near deadlock in Congress. It remains that one evil has bitten the dust and few people will shed tears.
This won’t hurt the President’s prospects of reelection either. Whether it helps in the current conflict is another matter. UBL may have had currency in some circles but we may be correct in doubting any serious influence with the Afghan insurgency. Al Qaeda was a foreign import, straight from that evil nest of all evil in the Arab peninsula, and, sadly, the machinations of the State department back all these years during the Soviet war.
In a way this may invite some of us to reflect on the state of our world. UBL never faced a criminal court of law as he and his henchmen should have. I for one will regret it.


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