The Cycle tax

I cannot resist quoting from “Cycle” the CTC’s mag, April-May issue:
“We have probably heard the last of this frequently repeated suggestion [to tax cycles] but it may not be amiss to point out that in France the reduction of the cycle tax from five francs to three francs coincides with an increase of 700,000 cycles being used. It is true that this may not be a case of cause to effect, but even the staunchest advocates of the taxconfess that it looks like it… The cycles trade in this country is not in such a flourishing state that it can stand any further reduction in its business, which is already lessened by the causes of tram lines, motor traffic, motor-damaged roads, the whim of fashion, and the high railway rates. He would be a bold Parliamentary Candidate who, in these days of small majorities, would vote for a tax on what is no more a luxury to the average rider than his boots are.”
From CTC Gazette editorial, 1910


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